Kathy Biehl travels from the sublime to the ridiculous on the path to find Mr Right, and along the way learns to run from both the maddeningly ambivalent to bad Grouncho impersonators. And we’re lucky enough to join her on the ride.

—Heather Quinlan

Author, Plagues, Pandemics, and Viruses

Once again Kathy Biehl displays her blunt and humorous style of storytelling into a world that perhaps seems foreign to some (lawyers, gays, musicians, church goers and other assortment of characters), but as you unlock these riveting vignettes you may find yourself looking inward as Biehl loudly and outwardly confesses her own past.

—Gregory G. Allen

Author, Cool Side of the Pillow, Patchwork of Me, Well With My Soul, Proud Pants and Chicken Boy

Fans of Kathy Biehl’s Eat, Drink and Be Wary will be delighted to know that she's gathered together a new basket of ruminative and droll essays called Confessions of a Third-Rate Goddess. Anything but third rate, the Goddess' travels take us all the way from Houston (the town) to Houston (the street), and from the Lone Star State to the Lower East Side. Naturally my favorite piece contained her unexpected take-down of a one-man dinner theatre show about Groucho Marx, a humorous reminder that Texans have been bedeviling the Marx Brothers since they first played Nacogdoches. A frolicking, rollicking ride of a read. Or is that "read of a ride"? Let's just call it both, 'cause it is.

—Trav S.D.

Author, No Applause – Just Send Money