An inherently fascinating, impressively informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking collection of observation and experience based commentaries, "Eat, Drink & Be Wary: Cautionary Tales" is an extraordinary, unique, and unreservedly recommended addition to community, college, and university library Culinary & Gastronomy collections.

—Midwest Book Review

"A fun romp through various gourmet (and not-so-gourmet) experiences, with an appreciation not just for the food but for the overall event and joy of eating out in general. Biehl is clearly a seasoned writer; the book is easy to consume, clear, and beautiful. Her writing is comfortably informal, making the reader feel very at home, like a fellow diner at her table. Overall, this is a charming read, and will go down as smooth as a nice glass of chardonnay.

—BookLife Prize

A foodie’s photo album in narrative form, with vignettes ranging from philosophical musings on the timeless power and connection of food to fantastically absurd situational humor.

—Keema Waterfield

Author of Inside Passage
After following Kathy Biehl's journalism career for many years, I'm so pleased to see all of this delightful writing bound up in a single collection. My advice is to consume slowly, story by story, and let the words dissolve on your tongue and in your imagination.

—Teresa Byrne-Dodge, Editor of My Table

Amazon review
A splash of Hunter S. Thompson (without the drugs) ... and a dose of Fran Lebowitz


I read the book when I got it and now read little bits before bed, just like a hot toddy or a cup of cocoa.

—Amy Kuhn

Author talk feedback
If you love to eat and have a sense of humor Kathy will have you chuckling at her stories and craving some Doritos. She proves that writing about food doesn’t have to be so darn serious. I wish it could all be this fun.

—Sue Reddel

The pieces are all just so intriguing and engaging, and I was happy that I was not just simply entertained by the stories, but almost every single one of them left me marinating about my own relationship with food, whether it is certain restaurants that hold a special place in my heart, or why I gravitate to serving certain foods to guests. This is a book that should be in every Inn/B&B/Coffee shop in the country, as it is just a perfect way to spend an hour or two.

—Richard Pearson, Goodreads

The perfect gift for anyone who remotely enjoys food (so pretty much everyone!) Kathy Biehl's collection of various food related stories she has written over the past few decades might possibly be the single easiest gift someone can give or receive. It is, a perfect treat, certain to delight anyone who remotely enjoys talking about food. At first, I found myself reading a piece or two while I had dinner cooking in the oven or on the stove, but ultimately I kept wanting to read more. Fearing my own meals might pay the price, I took the plunge and devoured the remainder of the book in one lovely afternoon that left me hungry for more. It is not simply entertaining (but it is certainly full of fun!) but also wonderfully thought provoking.

—Kyoske, Amazon

The descriptions are delectable; the stories, laugh out loud funny. It’s a gastronomic roller coaster of helpful food and dining information blended into a rich stew of penetrating observations.

—L. Allen

Goodreads review
An entertaining, witty and oftentimes deeply insightful romp through the epicurean landscape. It elevates dining to a new, quite philosophical art form.

—William Mathers

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On one level, this is a collection of random tales with food serving as their mothership. On another level, this is a deeply personal and intelligent look at just how important food and eating are to our definition of a rich and rewarding life.


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A Joy To Read Kathy Biehl has hit a grand slam with her recent book "Eat, Drink & Be Wary." Reviewing restaurants across the country for years, she gathers her most interesting, most confounding, and downright funniest experiences and shares them in a delightful read. This is a must buy!!!

—Evelyne Taylor

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This book has been a tremendous source of enjoyment for me as so many of the descriptions capture so many eras in my life -- I literally can smell them! I have a friend who has a hard time reading so I took this over to her house and we both cracked up all the way through it and it opened up a treasure trove of memories! I love, love, love her writing style and thoroughly appreciate her great sense of humor.

—Nancy Lynch

Goodreads review
Three cheers (salt, butter and sugar) for Kathy Biehl’s wittily, wonderfully worded collection of mouth watering essays. Reading Eat, Drink & Be Wary was like going on a tasting tour — with a menu that encompasses not just food but the deeply felt culture that surrounds it. Culinary primitives like me will also be glad to know that the smorgasbord frequently skirts the exclusive grottoes of gourmetism and makes a beeline towards delicious, delicious junk. Devour this book! Full of Texas flavor and reads like BBQ sauce.

—Trav S.D.

Author, No Applause, Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous and the blog Travalanche
A Different Type of Galloping Gourmet: The perfect antidote to the quarantine blues, Kathy has put together a fun adventure for you to take no matter where your body might be currently stranded. A smorgasbord of food memories, travels, and experiences collected and chronicled for your enjoyment. Narrated with both the sarcasm of Anthony Bourdain and the true enjoyment of Rick Steves, you will love the way Kathy spills the tea in this culinary journey.

—Robert W.

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Kathy Biehl surpasses conventional food writing to present us with a perfect Turducken. What looks like a dining guide is actually an ejection seat to the past, with a juicy little centre celebrating the weird. We travel through the screen door for comfort food, participate in the debacle of an over hyped restaurant, find ourselves with a cushy place in the limousine on our way to a magical midnight feast. The special of the house is a zoetrope of which she is a (sometimes) willing participant. Logic and reality – even dining is lagniappe! Her book is a treat!

—Kelley Loftus

Author of The Moon in Mortonsfield, Our Year Without Maps, and A Circle of Stones
A delightful gallop through a life filled with food adventures!!


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"Eat, Drink & Be Wary" is a delightful read, and more so, you make me laugh. Impossible to read and eat at the same time!

—Nancy Kay

I love this book of short entertaining stories about food, restaurants, friends and food and more. I’ve purchased several copies to give a gifts. As you read memories of your own experiences will pop up

—Julie Palmer

Amazon review
This book is like eating ones' favorite foods sans the calories! In each recollection there is a tasty morsel of nostalgia!! I highly recommend its consumption!!

—Joseph S. Lento

I had no idea what to expect when I purchased this book by author Kathy Biehl, but boy was I surprised. It goes beyond any food review I've ever read as it's peppered with anecdotes and stories that make for a terrific read. Ms. Biehl is more than a food critic, she is a people-watcher, a yarn-spinner, and knows how to tell a darn good story. I felt transported to all of these places with her and I enjoyed every minute of the ride!

—Gregory G. Allen

Author, Cool Side of the Pillow, Patchwork of Me, Well With My Soul, Proud Pants and Chicken Boy / Amazon and Goodreads review
What fun! When I was young the family I lived with had long meals around the dining room table that were chuckling events.. infectious with laughter and good times being shared with all. Reading this book is also such an experience. The author can not contain her enthusiasm for food and words that bring about a merry time for all. The humor is unique in food reviews. I suggest you read this book and join in the fun.

—Book Elf

Amazon review
I love little books like this. They’re like going to a coffee house for an hour with a good friend and just spilling the beans. And this one is focused on the major appetite we can talk about in mixed company. A fun, cathartic book we all need to have at hand to cleanse our metaphorical reading palates.

—John-Michael Albert

Author of eight volumes of poetry (most recently, Questions You Were Too Polite to Ask, Marble Kite Press, 2018) and the eighth poet laureate of Portsmouth, New Hampshire (2011–13).
Truly a feast for your soulbelly! I love food and fine dining and this checks all the boxes. It's a buffet of brilliant bites about my favorite things.


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This book is such a wonderful read. Not only is the writing superb, but the observations and descriptive commentary are wonderfully insightful, as well. This author knows food and knows people. By reading this visually beautiful, charming book, no doubt your repasts will be more fun, and your smile broader. (Great brownie recipe inside, too.)

—Jill Hill, author, The Mulberry Bush

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A very fun read that will take your spirit (and taste buds) on an interesting journey.


If food were writing (and for some it IS) this book would be a culinary delight (and indeed it IS). But Eat, Drink, and Be Wary is also not about food. It is about humanity - the good and the bad. The spaeesness and decadence of human endeavour emerge throughout this intriguing tome - which is essentially a memoir in disguise. The writer's recall of relevant humourous detail is superb. This is a book even for those not interested in food and its associations. It is a book for avid readers of all flavours. If you enjoy observing your fellow man and indulging in curious, random adventures, the scenarios contained in this piece should float your boat. There is a lilting flowing writing style jam packed with titbits - as I presume is the author's larder. Buy it! --- In hard back the whole experience is aesthetically pleasing. - the cover, the illustrations, the content and the concept. You will not be disapointed. Get out the buttered popcorn - at the very least - and READ through this FEAST for the senses!

—Sarah De La Mar

Amazon UK review
Is it a food review? A restaurant review? Well, once I started reading it I realized that it is a book of sort of a mix of those things but more just of personal experiences of the author and wow, does she have some fun and wary experiences to talk about in her life. Ms. Biehl has woven some very interesting tales of her life into a very fun and easy to read narrative. A fun example, I grew up in Michigan and only heard of and tasted a "pasty" (pasties, plural) in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. To find that they exist on the east coast and then realizing that many mining communities had England miners imported and that was a staple meal they brought with them, only makes sense. But I felt I was re-living a part of my past. And so many other stories remind you of the many quirky things that have happened to us over the years. Ms. Biehl just had the intellect to document this stuff. Fun read

—David W

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