Portsmouth Pleasures

Portsmouth, NH is one of my favorite places on the planet. It’s a lovely jumble of history, artists and writers (it has a poet laureate, for cryin’ out loud!), quirky little shops and of course FOOD. Scrumptious, decently priced and varied. I spent a long weekend there in October. Here are some visual crumbs to entice you to find your own way there.

Women power sentiment at Hazel’s, where I found a coppery wrap that complements my book cover (how’s that for rationalizing!) ice cream near the harbor; hard stuff directly opposite.

Lil’s, across the bridge in Kittery, ME. A cavalcade of carbs. Ah, crullers.

Strawbery Banke is an outdoor history museum with historic buildings interpreted to various times in the community’s existence. The Marden-Abbot House recreated a 1940s food market filled with rationed goods. A time traveler from that decade sat on a bench out front crocheting and chatting with people about the market, its owner and the weather.

I always stock up on dark roast at Kaffee Vansolln.

handpainted sign No Matter the Question Coffee Is The Answer above two old coffee cans a red one on the left and blue one on the right