Food Nostalgia, on #FoodTravelChat!

My first publicity event was April 7, returning to #FoodTravelChat, a lively Wednesday Twitter event, and co-hosting chatting about Food Nostalgia! It’s always fun, full of photos, gifs and joking. I was one of the co-hosts in the event’s early days (it’s seven years old, in 2021!), and had a blast reconnecting and seeing everyone’s answers.

The way #FoodTravelChat works is by sending out questions that participants answer and share. Here are the ones I wrote for Food Nostalgia. Happy time traveling!

  • What food or drink turns back time for you, and why?
  • What food or drink was a treat when you were a child?
  • What’s an early memory of going out to eat?
  • Do you have a favorite candy from childhood?
    PRO TIP: For DIY therapy, fashion a meal from foods your inner child selects. Forget nutrition; this is soul food.
  • What food or drink reminds you of your hometown?
  • What food or drink did you love earlier in your life that you wouldn’t touch now?
  • What family food traditions do you keep going?
  • What now unavailable food or drink do you miss?
  • What have you missed about restaurants or bars in the past year?
  • If you had a time machine, what food destination in the past would you visit?

Thank you, Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris, for welcoming me back into the fold. Wanna play along with them? Join #FoodTravelChat on Wednesdays at 4pm ET/3pm CT/1pm PT/9pm Western European/10pm Central European, 6am Thursday Australian Eastern time. Follow @FoodTravelist on Twitter or sign up for its newsletter.

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