The Abiding Joy of Junk Food

Confession here: although I’ve been on a largely plant-based diet for years, I am not immune to the siren call of junk food.

Especially if it’s unusual and … really really tasty.

Hence my devouring handful after handful of Lay’s ketchup-flavored potato chips a Canadian friend had brought from her homeland and set out in a Friendsgiving spread.

Don’t judge. How could I not try? These are available only in Canada. And don’t shudder, either. They proved to be … alarmingly addictive.

Which leads to the topic of country-specific seasonings. Why are tomato flavored chips in Canada only? Why do flavorings vary from country to country? Why can we not obtain all of them, here in the so-called land of plenty?

The Guardian explores the hows and whys.